CHARITY WEST PALM recognizes charity is a thing of the heart and soul and the good it does should be at the root of why people want to contribute. However, it is also great PR for those who are associated with it. Businesses can benefit greatly from backing such causes, especially when our foundation is targeting their demographic groups properly and successfully, creating detailed and focused exposure.

We have created a lot of benefits for being involved with CWP, whether you are a participant or a supporter, or both. So take a look through our website and see how much you can GAIN BY GIVING.

















illustration by Dan Sipple

Besides the fact that we are going to be having unique and interesting events, the marketing skills of the founders will create sure-fire success and results for the businesses and individuals involved.

We also want to work one-on-one with each of our sponsors to discuss our ideas and your ideas of how to create the best exposure for you based on your commitment level. We will make it worth your while and graciousness.

2009 Kayak-A-Thon Event & Sponsorship Details

OUR CURRENT SPONSORS for The 4th Annual Kayak-A-Thon


      In-Kind Donations Needed:

  • A free link to your company website in our 'Groovy Places' section on our website forever
  • Mention of your company/yourself in our 'Contributors' section on our website forever
  • Mention of your company/yourself in our Event Summary/Sponsorship packages
  • Full color 8.5x11 advertisement (at our cost) in our “Thank You” package, to be sent to all sponsors, contributors, and volunteers after our event. You may add one additional item to the package (coupons, PR, samples, etc.) provided by you


CWP   *   P.O. Box 2529 / Palm Beach, FL / 33480   *   561-588-9896   *   A 501 (c) (3) organization with an IRS fully approved 5 year status