CHARITY WEST PALM / The purpose of CWP is to encourage active participation in charitable efforts by offering unique events and incentives, good times, PR, and the great feeling of giving. Our main demographics (without ever counting anyone out) include the 25 to 55 year olds who are excited about where they are in life and are likely to be active both in the events we hold and/or in financial contribution to celebrate their good fortunes by helping others.

This by no means requires you to be rich, so don't forget that. It is a lot easier to make a difference than you might think.








illustration by Dan Sipple


To support Palm Beach County organizations that contribute to the welfare of children, those with special needs, environmental protection and/or enhancement, wildlife protection. Our main funding focuses on smaller organizations that need help with growth and exposure to accomplish the great things they have set out to do. We also sponsor individuals who participate in events that benefit larger causes.

While people are welcome to contribute for their own beliefs and reasons, whatever they may be, we will not allow politics or religious influences to infiltrate the purpose of the charity by any founders or board members. This is purely for the good of people and causes in need.