CHARITY WEST PALM is dedicated to supporting lesser known foundations that are just as important as the rest, that just need a little more help and exposure.

Even if you want to support other causes other than ours, please find someone or something to support. It is important for every FORTUNATE HUMAN BEING to do so.

















illustration by Dan Sipple


Organizations We Have Supported With Our Major Events


The watchdogs of our coral reefs and coastal environment in southeast Florida. Formed by a group of Palm Beach County divers in 2003, their ranks now include divers and non-divers alike. Southeast Florida’s reefs are threatened by a host of stressors from coastal development, agriculture runoff, ocean sewage disposal, siltation and pollution. By focusing on specific, manageable problems and backed by sound science Reef Rescue is making a difference. They have been successful in compelling the regulatory community to enforce the “Clean Water Act” and other environmental statutes designed to protect our fragile and vulnerable coral reef ecosystems. We recommend that you visit their website for more information – Our contact person is Ed Tichenor, Reef Rescue Director.

Grassy Waters Preserve Non-profit is dedicated to the promotion of environmental education and recreation programs at the 20-square mile wetland nature preserve and water supply for the City of West Palm Beach. GWP offers unique educational and guided recreational opportunities on the edge of the vast, 20-square-mile wetlands resource. The preserve was historically the headwaters of the Loxahatchee Slough. It is the City of West Palm Beach’s Water Catchment Area and provides fresh drinking water to more than 130,000 people in West Palm Beach, the Town of Palm Beach, and the Town of South Palm Beach. The preserve includes nature center pavilions, meandering boardwalk trails, hiking, biking, canoeing, programs, entertainment, and more!

Korey’s Krew is a non-profit, charitable organization, focused on providing children and adults with special needs, the opportunity to attend local fairs and festival as well as concerts and sporting events.

Lagoon keepers patrols the Intracoastal Waterway in search of debris or debri sources that could adversely effect the health of our waters and removes such debris and/or works to eliminate the sources of debris that have been identified. They also perform a community service by responding to calls by the local marine law enforcement units to remove boating hazards from the Intracoastal Waterway in Palm Beach County. Organized cleanups allow others to participate in the care of the waters of Palm Beach County nurturing a sense of pride and ownership.

We give a lot of our leftover event supplies (snacks, t-shirts, etc) to this organization that provides shelter and support to people seeking recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.

CWP   *   P.O. Box 2529 / Palm Beach, FL / 33480   *   561-588-9896   *   A 501 (c) (3) organization with an IRS fully approved 5 year status