* Create physically challenging events that create competitiveness, as well as intense interest and backing due to the challenges at hand.

* Focus on benefiting lesser known organizations that have very important and helpful programs but need a hand in creating more awareness for their organization and financial help with their initiatives so that they can continue to grow and accomplish the goals they have set for themselves and others.

* Make strong efforts to create PR and marketing benefits for our sponsors and donors so they will want to join us in future events.

* We have interest in supporting causes that benefit people, animals, the environment, and conservation awareness. We will alternate our support to cover each of these areas.



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Chairman & Founder Brian Lee is originally a native of Atlanta and has called the Palm Beach area his home for the last seven years now. He has been engaged in many smaller and personal charitable activities ever since he was 10 years old helping the homeless near his neighborhood. Having been on various boards to head up community events over the years should also come in handy in managing successful events and projects. Mr. Lee is always accessible and open to anyone interested or involved with the foundation. - May 26th Palm Beach Post Article


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