Well, it took a massive amount of planning and execution, but we finally completed our first annual Kayak-A-Thon April 1st 2006. It was hard work and we hope to have more participants and raise more money next time around, but it was a very nice success.

* We received a good bit of press in radio, TV news, and the internet.

* Brought awareness to Shake-A-Leg Miami and the great things they do.

* Raised enough money to fund Shake-A-Leg's Summer Camp Awards Program.

* Most importantly, we facilitated a relationship between Lake Worth Mayor Marc Drautz and Shake-A-Leg Miami to
     bring their fantastic programs to Palm Beach County at the Bryant Park Marine Center expansion.

We want to give a special thanks to the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation for being our biggest supporter in our first year. This is a fantastic organization that does amazing things all over the world (www.hiltonfoundation.org) and they chose to pay attention to what we were doing here in South Florida and gave us great support.

We want to thank Marc Drautz, Bridget Doran, Eugene McNabb, Tamara Fitzpatrick, and myself for the hard-core kayaking we completed to make this unique event a success.

Thanks to our former Executive Director, Richard Guercio for his time on the project and his services to our organization. Thanks to Jeremy Baker at Shake-A-Leg and all the other volunteers for their help. Thanks to John Muir and the Bruger Brothers for the boat support. We also want to thank our other sponsors and other contributors. We sincerely appreciate everything!

Ribbon Cutting

Pictures From Our Pre-Event Fundraiser at The Cottage






The Trip

1st Leg:  West Palm Beach (Curry Park) to Lantana (E. Ocean Blvd) - 12 miles
2nd Leg: Lantana to Boca Raton (Lake Boca) - 16 miles
3rd Leg:
  Boca Raton to Ft Lauderdale (17th St Bridge) - 17 miles
4th Leg:
  Ft Lauderdale to N. Miami Beach (Haulover Marina) - 13 miles
5th Leg: 
N. Miami Beach to South Beach, Miami (End of Indian Creek) - 8 miles








Celebration Event At Shake-A-Leg Miami




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